Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash Camera

Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash Camera

Dash camera, also known as an Auto Black Box, is a surveillance oriented HD video recorder that’s mounted on your dashboard or the windscreen. The device continuously records sound and picture all throughout your journey, and provided you with a complete video footage of your entire drive. The dash camera records the events that are taking place around your vehicle onto an SD card, and then stores the video footage for when an incident occurs. Premium dash cams with advanced features can even continue recording while you’re parked and far away from your car, to catch potential abuse or misuse of your property, hit and runs, and vandals.

Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash CameraDash cameras have actually become very popular amongst motorists who want additional security offered by these gadgets. These in car cameras are very useful when it comes to providing evidence against thieves and vandals, and they give a very good account of road accidents. Today, dash cams come in a wide variety of models and different combinations of advanced features, from the simple surveillance devices, to the more advanced, feature packed models, with very powerful capabilities. Here are some of the advance features that you should know about dash camera;

Loop/Cycle Recording

Many dash cams with advanced features offer continuous loop recording. Continuous loop recording basically means that the dash camera will continue recording til the storage is full. When the memory has become full, the dash cam will overwrite on the memory card on top of the previously recorded footage; this means you will always have video footage of the last couple of hours.


G-Sensor is another great advanced feature which secures the video files and prevents them from getting erased or damaged. When emergency brakes are applied or when an impact occurs, the G-Sensor will protect the previous, the present and the next video footage automatically. This particular feature ensures the important files aren’t removed by the loop recording.

Parking Mode

With this advanced feature, the dash camera will begin recording automatically in case there’s any kind of motion in the camera’s recording angle, or if the dash cam senses a movement, without the need to press any button. In order to use this feature, the dash camera will need to be hardwired to your car via a dashboard camera specific hard wiring kit.


Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash CameraMany of the newer dash cam models come with a built in GPS (that is, Global Positioning System) receiver, which logs the car’s location, speed, and such other details. The GPS can help you to get legal proof of any incidents within the car’s location, route and speed, in addition to date and time. It is recommended to read this list of dash camera reviews before buying one for your vehicle.

Time and Date Stamp

This is a very useful feature especially when you are representing the video footage as evidence to prove history of the accident in question. The date and time is embedded into the video permanently.

Night Vision

Generally, all dash cameras can record at night, however, some models have the night vision mode. This is normally offered through advanced technology such as HDR (that is, High Dynamic Range), which automatically adjusts to brighten the details. This a great feature especially for those who do most of their driving after dark.

Audio Recording

Some dash cameras have the ability to records sounds, voice notes, and conversations of what’s happening around their range.