7 Fixes Boost Your House Value

7 Fixes Boost Your House Value

With the housing prices increasing, now is the best time to invest in your home and capitalize on its’ value. If you are planning on putting your home up for sale, you should consider doing some renovations and fixes to boost its’ value. Doing some remodeling projects can greatly boost your home’s overall value, and can make it much more appealing to the buyers. In this article, we have compiled 7 fixes that can help boost your house value;

1. Clean and Declutter the House

Fixes Boost Your House ValueFirst and foremost, you should start by doing a thorough cleaning of the house. A clean house will look much more appealing to the buyers. Apart from cleaning the house, you should also get rid of all clutter. Make the house look a lot more spacious by eliminating the unnecessary items. If you cannot stand to part with some of your items, you can put them in a storage unit til after you sell the house. Remember that it is always better to show a relatively barren house, than one that is filled with clutter.

2. Do the Necessary Repairs and Fixes

Fixes Boost Your House ValueEven the smallest fixes can make your house sparkle and sell for a much higher price. Some of the minor repairs you can do to boost the value of your house include, but not limited to; insulating the attic, replacing any worn out and inoperative water supply valves, repairing any plumbing leaks, fixing the pipes and fittings, replacing any rusty rain gutters, repairing or replacing leaky windows, among such other fixes. These kinds of repairs and fixes will go a really long way towards adding value to your home.

3. Interior Flooring

Fixes Boost Your House ValueThe flooring of your home is another area that catches the buyers’ eyes since it takes up most of the space. Old musty carpeting, outdated tiles, or wood which needs refinishing, are most likely to get red flagged in the buyer’s mind as something they will have to update if they buy the home. Doing some flooring upgrades can make a huge difference in terms of creating a sense of value.

4. Kitchen Upgrades

Fixes Boost Your House ValueThe kitchen is considered to be heart of every home. If your kitchen is stuck in a time warp, it is best to do some updating. The easiest kitchen upgrades are for the appliances and countertops. You should consider installing granite countertops and adding stainless steel appliances; this will add instant value to your house. You can also paint the cabinets a neutral color to cover up any scratches and nicks.

5. Bathroom Repairs

Fixes Boost Your House ValueWhen it comes to selling a house, the bathroom is another important part of the house than needs some upgrades and repairs. Some of the fixes and changes you can do include, but not limited to; replacing the old fixtures, painting the walls, hanging some new towels, cleaning the exhaust fan, repairing chips in the sink or bathtub, among such other fixes.

6. Internal Lighting Fixtures

Fixes Boost Your House ValueOutdated lighting fixtures can easily take the attention away from the most attractive features of your house. Spending some money on new fixtures can give your home a more modern look and feel, and will keep the buyers focused on its’ best attributes. Consider replacing the old light fixtures with some energy efficient models.

7. Roofing and Foundation

Fixes Boost Your House ValueThe structure of the house may not be apparent to the home buyers at 1st glance, however, a poor inspection report because of flaws in your building’s foundation or roofing system, can greatly impact on your sale. Therefore, it is crucial to have your home inspected by a professional ahead of time, so that you can be able to repair any existing structural flaws.

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at Home

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at Home

The beauty of owning a portable air conditioner is that you can move it from one room to another and they are relatively easy to install. Portable air conditioners cool a room by collecting the warm air then using refrigerants to chill it. The hot air which is a byproduct of this process is taken out of the room through the exhaust hose.

In order for a portable air conditioner to work, it should be properly installed. Here are DIY tips to help you install a portable air conditioner in your home.

· Choose a location for your air conditioner

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at HomeThe first step to installing a portable air conditioner is choosing the best locations. Keeping in mind that portable air conditioning unit you can move them from one place to another, just choose s place that has both an electrical outlet and a window. Also, ensure that the air conditioner is not in the way and air flow is not blocked by furniture or plants.

· Check the window adapter kit

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at HomeAlmost all portable air conditioning units comes with a window adapter kit that works but in some cases, the kit may either be missing or it is not right for your window and you have to make certain adjustments.
For the air conditioning unit to function well, all gaps between the sides of the window, the vent hose and the window adapter should be completely sealed off.

Begin by measuring the window opening to determine if the window adapter kit can be trimmed or expanded to fit well. If your unit did not come with an adapter kit or it does not fit your window adequately, take accurate measurements of the opening you need and have a piece of Plexiglas cut out at your local hardware. You can also uses a piece of cardboard or plywood to fill the gap but these options are less attractive.

· Connect the exhaust Hose

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at HomeThe next step is to connect the exhaust hose to the air conditioner. The directions of doing this varies but most air conditioning unit have a single hose that is already attached with the connectors. If not, attach the exhaust connector to your unit then attach the hose pipe to the connector. Next, connect the window connection adapter or bracket to the exhaust hose then run the hose to the window and set the connection bracket into the window.

· Secure the connection

DIY Tips to Install a Portable Air Conditioner at HomeBegin by adjusting the panels or the kit sliders until they fill the gap between the slides of the window and the window connection bracket completely. If you are using a Plexiglas, slide it into the windowsill above or next to the exhaust hose connection and hold it until the window is closed. Now close the window so that it fits securely against the hose window connection and hold everything in place and firmly.

In some cases, you may be required to use duct tape to seal all the gaps around the exhaust hose window connection in order to hold the window kit in place firmly. If there are no gaps, your air conditioning unit is ready for use.

How To Clean A Ceiling Fan

How To Clean A Ceiling Fan?

Most homeowners are now installing ceiling fans as their benefits have become more apparent. You will realize that installing a ceiling fan can actually make your home to become more comfortable especially during summertime. During summer, the blades normally move in a clockwise direction resulting in cool downward airflow. This normally makes your room to feel cooler without altering the temperatures.

The cool breeze is normally ideal during hot days. Did you know that cleaning your ceiling fan is important? Like any appliance or furniture inside your home, they also catch dirt and dust on their surfaces. It is important to keep them clean, especially the blade parts. If there is so much dirt on them, their performance can be severely affected. The weight of the accumulated dust can make the blades to become wobbly. The following are some of the tips on how to clean a ceiling fan:

1. Ensure the switch is turned off

How To Clean A Ceiling FanBefore taking on the task of cleaning your ceiling fan, you should ensure that the witch is turned off. Electrical devices should always be plugged off so as to prevent you from coming into contact with wires that could have frayed over time. This can go a long way in ensuring that you do not get an electric shock in the process.

2. Set up the ladder under the fan

It is important to make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s direction when setting up the ladder. You should always have someone to hold the ladder so that it does not tip. They can also hand up the cleaning materials so that you do not have to go up and down many times.

3. Start by wiping the motor housing with warm soap and water.

How To Clean A Ceiling FanYou should actually start by wiping the motor housing with warm soap and water or spray cleaner of your choice. Once they are clean, wipe the top part of each blade carefully. It is important to get the hardened cakes of dust and dirt off the blades. Do not pull on the blades and knock the fan off its holder. It is also advisable not to tug or pull the blades too much. You will realize that if you knock it off its balance, the blades will start to wobble when you turn it on again.

Always remember not to spray any water or cleaning fluid unto the fan’s motor. This can actually damage the wiring inside the motor and can result to an electric short circuit. If you want to keep the blades dust free after you have cleaned them, you can polish them with a hard car wax. This type of wax normally keeps the dust from sticking onto the surface of the blades.

If you normally use your fan throughout the year, you should clean it at least four times in a year. You should purpose to clean it when the season changes. If your fan has a lighting fixture, clean it as well. Follow the above mentioned tips and you will enjoy the results.

Which Brand Should You Consider for New Massage Chair

Which Brand Should You Consider for New Massage Chair?

Nowadays, life is increasingly becoming harder each day and family and work challenges leave us with no time to relax. However, after a hard day, it’s sometimes important to keep your body relaxed and one way to do this is to get a chair which gives you the relaxing anytime you need it. A good chair is not just any piece of furniture in your living room or bedroom but one that provides you with what you need.

Picking up the best chair is a big investment for you and your family. It’s, therefore, important to find something that can offers a great neck and back massage and is not so costly. But how do you know that the chair you have chosen is the best? While all massage chairs have greater features, picking out the best is what many customers find challenging. Here are some qualities to consider;

Features to consider when choosing a massage chair

Which Brand Should You Consider for New Massage ChairComfort- It’s important to confirm whether the chair is comfortable or not. It does not matter how massage is, if you do not have a comfortable massage chair, you are not going to enjoy anything. Some of the things that you should look for is manual versus power, upholstery, the size, reclining, and different types of massages that the chair offers.

Leg rest- To give you more relaxation, some massage chairs will also offer you the ability to rest your legs so that you can get more relaxation. While some of these can be found in the reclining feature, others are designed in such a way that they can give your feet a break. Based on the chair, the leg rest can even exercise your calves other areas of your legs.

Massage types and techniques- Massage involves different types of techniques. Although certain chairs may involve certain types of techniques others may give you a combination. You should, therefore, choose a chair that involves a range of techniques and this will offer you more compromising and satisfying benefits.

Preset programs- Most chairs in the market have a variety of systems that can be adjusted based on to your tastes with these programs. You can easily change a therapy at a specific intensity.

Warranty- Finally, you should also look at the type of warranty offered for that brand or model. In fact, some of the brands offer a warranty of even up to 3 years.

Why to Choose Osaki Brand?

Which Brand Should You Consider for New Massage ChairIf you are looking for a massage chair, Osaki is known to provide the best. It actually has all that you need from a chair. You not only get the chance to enjoy the comfort at your home but if you have trouble with the joints, it has zero gravity that can help you a lot. This amazing chair will also allow you to sink in it and get the best massage. While you are sitting on the chair you can choose from the part of the body that you want to massage.

While reclining in this chair, you will only need a small room making it easier to fit in any room. Its footrest also has a good spot to hold your legs comfortably thereby preventing them from falling all over the place. If you need a good massage chair that is going to exercise your body well and is also affordable, then Osaki massage brand is the best.

Tank Or Tankless Water Heater

Tank Or Tankless Water Heater: Which Is the Best?

Water heaters are essential for all homes of many different types. We want a water heater that will not only work but give us hot water when were showering or otherwise. Tank water heaters and tankless water heaters have the debate of which one works the best and which one is the better option. Keeping all this is mine, we also want something inexpensive that will fit in our budget. There are various amounts of features and properties to consider when searching for a water heater, such as capacity, warranty, and much more. It’s time for us to research and really narrow down the options.

Efficiency of Both Types

Electric OR Gas Tankless Water HeaterTank water heaters give us the opportunity to do multiple tasks at the same time, whereas tankless water heaters are only useful when completing tasks one at a time. Tankless water heaters provide about 3.5 gallons of heated water at a time and are most ideal for households that utilize natural gas to heat water. We can see that Tankless water heaters use heating coils and prove to be much more energy efficient. Tank water heaters consist of heated water ready to use whenever you need it, powered by an insulated tank. Depending on the needs of the family they could use a tankless water heater, however tank water heaters are more ideal for large families.

Pipes and Productivity

Electric OR Gas Tankless Water HeaterWhenever we use our water heaters whether a tank or tankless, it heats all the metal plumbing which could potentially damage your faucets and plumbing systems. The best idea would be to store individual water heaters at each faucet in your home, although this may seem like quite an expensive option. Tank heaters automatically turn on when in use and send heated water out with no question, tankless heaters go through a process which may take a little longer. Glass-lined tanks are the best way to go to prevent damage to pipes and also to keep a constant flow of hot water to all areas of the house.

Professional Advice

If you’re still unsure of which is the best heater, don’t be afraid to chat with professionals who have been in the field for years. Those with experience and credibility can help you find the right water heater for your family. Browsing around and looking at different water heaters is the best possible way to find out which one is the best, check your budget range to make sure that it’s possible at this moment in time.


It seems tank heaters have the upperhand in mostly everything. There are many new tank water heaters available from different companies that have worked out the bugs it comes with.They provide instant warm water, they’re ideal for larger families, and they let us run the dishwasher while using the laundry machine at the same time. Whether you prefer tank or tankless, the warranty runs for about 3-12 years, but it seems like a better option to purchase one with longer warranty. They seem to reduce heat loss and last for much longer while not damaging the pipes as much as lower warranty heaters. I would recommend the tank water heater from a reputable company, it seems like the better option.

How to Make Your Backyard Green

How to Make Your Backyard Green?

Your backyard is the hub not only for your family members but also for visitors. Thus, if you enjoy entertaining friends and family, resting and soaking up run’s rays or working in your backyard, your patio is the ideal place to implement your eco-friendly lifestyle. It also provides a perfect place to repurpose amenities and take advantage of green design ideas that the Earth will love. So, if you’re looking for ideas on how to make your backyard green, you are in the right place; here are tried-and-tested ideas to get you started.

1. Provide drainage to prevent accumulation of water

How to Make Your Backyard GreenIf you live in an area experiencing rainfall throughout the year, provide a proper drainage system to prevent water from collecting in your patio and around your home. Standing water can damage patio fixtures and vegetation. So, make the yard slope preferably away from your home, so as to keep the basement and foundation moisture free thereby preventing the growth of mildew and mold.

2. Use green materials only when renovating and remodeling

How to Make Your Backyard GreenAre you considering introducing a wood deck in your backyard? Use reclaimed or recycled wood from other structures for your patio deck project. Ask your local dealer; you will be surprised that local lumber yards also provide a wide selection of recycled timber that you can use for your backyard projects. Other green materials you should consider include railroad ties and wrought iron.

3. Replace concrete walls with indigenous live fence

How to Make Your Backyard GreenUsing permeable pavers as opposed to concrete patios promotes drainage. Additionally, do away with a concrete wall and instead grow native ground cover. Such an effort will reduce the carbon footprint of your lawn. The outcome is a greener and more appealing alternative that requires no watering or mowing. So, identify native plants and introduce the in your backyard because they do not require constant maintenance.

4. Only use a green mower when mowing

How to Make Your Backyard GreenMow for the first time after your grass exceeds 2 inches in height. Exercise some caution while walking behind your mower; walk with mild, flat-footed steps since the top layer of your grass remain loose for some time after cutting. As a sound root system grows, your backyard’s ground with firm up. As for the walkways, use pebbles since they are more ecologically friendly and cheaper compared to bricks.

5. Introduce container vegetable gardens

How to Make Your Backyard GreenUtilizing your backyard space for the green gardens will substantially boost your curb appeal. The plants will provide a reliable source of biologically grown food besides giving you patio a gorgeous look. There are organic alternatives for backyard rugs made of eco-friendly materials. Sisal, cotton, jute, coir, wool, and bamboo are some of the organic options you should consider as they are green and hence eco-friendly.


Do not allow financial constraints to curtail your desire to make your backyard green. Instead, be creative and think of a way you can make all you need from the readily available materials. Note that the above tips do not require spending a fortune to implement. A green patio is affordable, looks beautiful, uses renewable resources, and, most importantly, reduces carbon footprint.

Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash Camera

Features About Dash Camera

Dash camera, also known as an Auto Black Box, is a surveillance oriented HD video recorder that’s mounted on your dashboard or the windscreen. The device continuously records sound and picture all throughout your journey, and provided you with a complete video footage of your entire drive. The dash camera records the events that are taking place around your vehicle onto an SD card, and then stores the video footage for when an incident occurs. Premium dash cams with advanced features can even continue recording while you’re parked and far away from your car, to catch potential abuse or misuse of your property, hit and runs, and vandals.

Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash CameraDash cameras have actually become very popular amongst motorists who want additional security offered by these gadgets. These in car cameras are very useful when it comes to providing evidence against thieves and vandals, and they give a very good account of road accidents. Today, dash cams come in a wide variety of models and different combinations of advanced features, from the simple surveillance devices, to the more advanced, feature packed models, with very powerful capabilities. Here are some of the advance features that you should know about dash camera;

Loop/Cycle Recording

Many dash cams with advanced features offer continuous loop recording. Continuous loop recording basically means that the dash camera will continue recording til the storage is full. When the memory has become full, the dash cam will overwrite on the memory card on top of the previously recorded footage; this means you will always have video footage of the last couple of hours.


G-Sensor is another great advanced feature which secures the video files and prevents them from getting erased or damaged. When emergency brakes are applied or when an impact occurs, the G-Sensor will protect the previous, the present and the next video footage automatically. This particular feature ensures the important files aren’t removed by the loop recording.

Parking Mode

With this advanced feature, the dash camera will begin recording automatically in case there’s any kind of motion in the camera’s recording angle, or if the dash cam senses a movement, without the need to press any button. In order to use this feature, the dash camera will need to be hardwired to your car via a dashboard camera specific hard wiring kit.


Advance Features That You Should Know About Dash CameraMany of the newer dash cam models come with a built in GPS (that is, Global Positioning System) receiver, which logs the car’s location, speed, and such other details. The GPS can help you to get legal proof of any incidents within the car’s location, route and speed, in addition to date and time.

Time and Date Stamp

This is a very useful feature especially when you are representing the video footage as evidence to prove history of the accident in question. The date and time is embedded into the video permanently.

Night Vision

Generally, all dash cameras can record at night, however, some models have the night vision mode. This is normally offered through advanced technology such as HDR (that is, High Dynamic Range), which automatically adjusts to brighten the details. This a great feature especially for those who do most of their driving after dark.

Audio Recording

Some dash cameras have the ability to records sounds, voice notes, and conversations of what’s happening around their range.