How Do Composting Toilets Work

How Do Composting Toilets Work?

When it comes to natural decomposing of human waste, the composting toilets come first. This type of toilets uses a natural process for both decomposition and evaporation of human waste to ensure the atmosphere remains clean. In fact, with a composting toilet, you could convert 90% of the human waste into the water. The rest will be converted into useful fertilizer soil. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how composting toilets work. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

How do the composting toilets work?

How Do Composting Toilets WorkEssentially a composting toilet system has three functions. These three functions play a vital role in processing human waste in a smooth way. These functions are as follows:

  1. Evaporation of the moisture
  2. The composition of waste in solid form
  3. Produce a safe compost
  4. Evaporation of the moisture: As we have said earlier that 90% of the waste is converted into water, therefore, the composting toilets evaporate them into the water quickly. You will find some units have waterless urinal feature. This feature will allow the liquid to avoid composting chamber. Even the waste will vaporize quickly. When the chamber is full, you can also remove this water manually. In addition, the vent system will channel the vaporized liquid into the air. There is a small heating element, which will add smoothness in the entire evaporation process. You should remember you don’t have to dry out the compost entirely. You must have an active compost pile, which will remain moist. In this way, you could easily break the human waste quickly.
  5. How Do Composting Toilets WorkCompost the solid waste without odor: The second most important function of the composting toilet is to compost the solid waste. And this composition of waste must be odorless. We know that the waste will break down eventually, but this will take too much time. Even it will produce foul odors in the process as well. Most of the composting toilets include an extra material like sawdust or peat mix or popcorn along with another additive. With these materials (referred to as bulking material), you could break down the leftover (the remaining human waste) quickly. Moreover, the end result will be safe to handle and would be ready for use. Now, these bulking materials are pretty helpful for appropriate aeration of the compost pile. This is done by bringing in oxygen into the toilets to make sure the bacteria within the materials can break down the human waste. All in all, the composting toilets create the best possible environment by making the solid waste into useful fertilizers.
  6. Produce compost that is safe and easy to handle: The last function of a composting toilet is to produce a safe compost. When the unit is full, the toilet must be emptied. Logically, we cannot handle human waste as we are not used to handling dirt. However, if the toilet’s system is functioning properly, you could easily handle a safe and nutrient-rich soil such as the garden compost. For this reason, a composting toilet has become a modern-day favorite for many homeowners.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is composting toilets are inventive and useful in many ways. So, let us know if you have brought this toilet by leaving a comment below.