How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

How to Make Your Backyard Green

Your backyard is the hub not only for your family members but also for visitors. Thus, if you enjoy entertaining friends and family, resting and soaking up run’s rays or working in your backyard, your patio is the ideal place to implement your eco-friendly lifestyle. It also provides a perfect place to repurpose amenities and take advantage of green design ideas that the Earth will love. So, if you’re looking for ideas on how to make your backyard green, you are in the right place; here are tried-and-tested ideas to get you started.

  1. Provide drainage to prevent accumulation of water

How to Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedIf you live in an area experiencing rainfall throughout the year, provide a proper drainage system to prevent water from collecting in your patio and around your home. Standing water can damage patio fixtures and vegetation. So, make the yard slope preferably away from your home, so as to keep the basement and foundation moisture free thereby preventing the growth of mildew and mold.

  1. Use green materials only when renovating and remodeling

Are you considering introducing a wood deck in your backyard? Use reclaimed or recycled wood from other structures for your patio deck project. Ask your local dealer; you will be surprised that local lumber yards also provide a wide selection of recycled timber that you can use for your backyard projects. Other green materials you should consider include railroad ties and wrought iron.

  1. Replace concrete walls with indigenous live fence

Using permeable pavers as opposed to concrete patios promotes drainage. Additionally, do away with a concrete wall and instead grow native ground cover. Such an effort will reduce the carbon footprint of your lawn. The outcome is a greener and more appealing alternative that requires no watering or mowing. So, identify native plants and introduce the in your backyard because they do not require constant maintenance.

  1. Only use a green mower when mowing

How to Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedMow for the first time after your grass exceeds 2 inches in height. Exercise some caution while walking behind your mower; walk with mild, flat-footed steps since the top layer of your grass remain loose for some time after cutting. As a sound root system grows, your backyard’s ground with firm up. As for the walkways, use pebbles since they are more ecologically friendly and cheaper compared to bricks.

  1. Introduce container vegetable gardens

Utilizing your backyard space for the green gardens will substantially boost your curb appeal. The plants will provide a reliable source of biologically grown food besides giving you patio a gorgeous look. There are organic alternatives for backyard rugs made of eco-friendly materials. Sisal, cotton, jute, coir, wool, and bamboo are some of the organic options you should consider as they are green and hence eco-friendly.


Do not allow financial constraints to curtail your desire to make your backyard green. Instead, be creative and think of a way you can make all you need from the readily available materials. Note that the above tips do not require spending a fortune to implement. A green patio is affordable, looks beautiful, uses renewable resources, and, most importantly, reduces carbon footprint.