How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized?

A well-organized kitchen with plenty of space is a dream to work in. Since the kitchen is one of the area in your home that is most often used, it stands to reason that if it is well organized and simple to use, your entire life will be easier. Here is a guide on how to keep your kitchen organized that will help make your family life to flow smoothly especially during meal preparation.

  • Empty all the cabinets

How to Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedBegin by taking out everything out of the cabinets. Donate or discard the items that are not used frequently, broken items, duplicate items or the things you rarely use. Do this to all drawers and cabinets setting up different areas on the floor for each group of items. The goal after this process is to remain with only the things that you use or love.

  • Group the like items

After all the cabinets and drawers are empty, decide how to best group the items. Pile the baking items together, sort the cooking items and group them together. Groups your seasonal or holiday items, glassware, the dishes you frequently use as well as those that you only use on special occasions separately.

  • Organize the Cabinets and drawers

After grouping all your items, decide where to store each group. Baking and cooking pieces should be kept close to where for prepare food from. The utensils should also be kept close to your prep area. Glassware are best kept near the refrigerator or sink. Create a tea or coffee station that includes filters, mugs and sugar and if possible, place it near the sink. Organizing your drawers and cabinets this way helps you to avoid going back and forth across the kitchen for things you need to just prepare a cup of coffee.

  • Store the Containers and Lids Together

How to Keep Your Kitchen OrganizedFirst, discard all the containers without lids and store the remaining containers either with the lids or you can store the lids in one single large container. Do the same with your pots’ and pans’ lids. Another option is to store all the lids together on a wire rack.

  • Use the vertical space

Fix hooks under your kitchen cabinets to hold items such as mugs or even hang stemware rack at the same spot for wine glasses. This creates considerable cabinet space. You can even hang adhesive hooks on the inside part of the cabinet doors to hold items such as oven mitts, cups or any other light kitchen gadget. You can also use ceiling racks to store pans and pots. Any space that you can use to hang items frees up space inside the cabinets and drawers.

  • Use Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are rotating trays and they are ideal for holding things like vinegars, oils, medication, spices or vitamins. You can use one them in the refrigerator so that nothings hides in the back and gets spoilt and another one for small jars, small food items and olives.

  • Clean Out the Refrigerator

If you take out your trash once a week, make it a habit to clean the refrigerator every week as well then take out the trash right after. To prevent cluttering the refrigerator, it should only have the current items or those that require to be frozen. Always keep the trash bags near the trash can and put a stack of loose bags in the bottom of the can so that when you pull out one bag, there is another right below it.

The above guide will help declutter your kitchen and give you a well a well-organized kitchen that is easy to work in.